4 Cs for Better Hormone Health

This past women’s day I found myself thinking in gratitude of all the amazing women I have had the opportunity of working with. Women who are highly accomplished and dedicated to everything that they do in life, professionally and personally. From running businesses to institutions to households to practically running the world. It is these women who would not take no for an answer and bring their A-game to whatever situation is thrown their way (caution – Alpha Alert). I, with all my heart, respect and salute these women for everything that they manage to do in such an effortless manner. 

It, however, makes my heart sink to know that, today, every 4 in 5 women (yes 80%) suffer from hormonal imbalance. This is manifested in disorders and concerns like – PCOS, hypo/hyperthyroidism, bad PMS, difficult menopause, fertility issues, endometriosis, diabetes and so on. With these come myriad symptoms including – irregular menstrual cycles, nocturnal hot flashes, weight management issues, frequent headaches, hair loss, lower body pain and cramps, fatigue… well the list is endless. Basically, everything starts going topsy turvy and most girls don’t even realize why !

It is purely this statistical prevalence that has normalized period pain and cramps. Popping a thyroid pill seems like routine, having to deal with hot flashes and mood swings is considered a ‘part of life’. But this is not true! While menopause is a natural process – such elevated symptoms are not. While periods is a sign of fertility and health – PMS where you have to suffer from headaches, cramps and pain is not normal. A healthy period is a pain-free period.

So, in this auspicious month where we drench and color ourselves in the spirit of Holi that celebrates spring, love and new life, I share with you 4 foods that you must include in your diet to make your hormones sing happily as you continue to take on the world, uncompromisingly and unapologetically. 

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